Oct 25, 2007

Don't Bill Me, I'm British

What's it take to get free legal help in Britain? To qualify for free legal help (aka Community Legal Services), your monthly disposable income must be less than £601 ($1226) -- that's your gross monthly income minus statutory deductions.

How much can a wealthy British couple save by not taking their divorce case to trial? Approximately £1 million ($2 million) -- at least that's how much Sir Paul will save by hammering out a divorce settlement with soon-to-be-former-spouse Heather Mills.

princess-di.jpg How much can Mohamed Al Fayed save by stopping his legal investigation into the death of Princess Di? According to the London's Daily Mail, if Mohamed Al Fayed shut down his investigation into the death of his son, Dodi, and Princess Di, he could save "an astonishing £1.5million" ($3 million) per month.

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