Oct 17, 2007

Honk if a Celebrity Owes You Legal Fees

mj.jpg What's it cost to sue a celebrity for unrecovered attorney fees? Apparently $175K. That's what a judge awarded a law firm forced to hire outside counsel to recover attorneys fees from Michael Jackson. (The firm previously had won a judgment for $256K for unpaid fees in MJ's molestation case.) Current tally owed by the gloved one to lawyers: $431K.

What's it cost to send a lawyer to a celebrity funeral? $2.7K (based on a three-hour funeral and a lawyer who bills at $900 an hour.) The funeral attendance at issue is apparently part of a $200K claim for attorney fees by the attorney for Dannielyn Smith (Anna Nicole's baby).

What percentage of a scandal-ridden teenage celebrity's salary is an attorney entitled to? Five percent of gross earnings, according to Vanessa Hudgen's attorney who claims he is owed a piece of the star's paycheck for "up until 12 months after their lawyer-client relationship had ended." Wait, is he her lawyer or her agent?

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