Nov 16, 2007

Book 'Em

freyphoto.jpg How much does it cost for a bunch of lawyers to sue Random House over a fake memoir? $783,000. That's what Random House paid attorneys as part of a class action settlement brought by readers 'deceived' by James Frey's fabricated memoir, A Million Little Pieces. (In class action cases, the defendant -- Random House, in this case -- must pay the other side's attorneys' fees.) How much did the author earn from the book? $4.4 million.

How much were the actual damages from the fake memoir? $27,348. That's a payment of $15.81 cents each to the 1729 people who joined the lawsuit. How many people bought the book? Approximately 3.5 million. 

How many newspapers did Random House have to advertise in to notify members of the class (people who bought the fake memoir)? 962 at a cost of $432,000.

How many copies did the book sell after it was exposed as a fake memoir? 93,738. The book remained on best seller lists for an additional 26 weeks proving that fake memoirs can sell as a well as real ones. Clifford Irving, call your agent.

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