Nov 19, 2007

IANAL ... But I Bill Like One

ianal2.jpgHow much do fake lawyers charge? So far this blog has focused on the fees paid to real attorneys. But what about fake attorneys -- those devious folks who pretend to be lawyers? Apparently they're compensated just as well as their non-faux brethren. One man paid a fake attorney $18,000 for a failed attempt to get off a drunk driving charge. Apparently the pseudo-attorney's questioning during jury selection ("Do you like animals?") didn't tip off the court.

How much can a law firm bill for the services of a fake attorney? $300 an hour. At least that's how much Anderson Kill & Olick billed for the work of a paralegal who fooled the firm by pretending to be an "unduly agressive" attorney.

How many lawsuits can a fake attorney win in eight months? 25, according to a fake lawyer operating out of Newport, California who managed to prevail in that many matters before his ruse was discovered. "I lied about being a lawyer but other than the lie, everything else was totally legit," he said.

Are all fake attorneys doing it for money? No, some do it for love.

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