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April 20, 2008

How much would Jesus pay?

jesus.jpgHow much did the city of Slidell, Louisiana have to pay after losing a lawsuit about posting Jesus' portrait in the court house? $1, plus the ACLU attorney's fees. Slidell's Mayor Ben Morris didn't expect the legal fees to amount to much. He labeled the ACLU the "American Taliban," and added, "The ACLU doesn't usually have attorney fees." One local resident, responded to a local news story by pointing out that there was no proof that the individual in the portrait was actually Jesus, and that by banning the single portrait, the government was officially recognizing that image as Jesus -- therefore making it a "win for all Christians." After the ACLU filed suit, city officials added 15 additional portraits of historic and religious law-givers such as Confucius, Hammurabi, Moses, Charlemagne, Sir William Blackstone and Judge Judy (strike that). This new exhibit -- ruled not to violate constitutional standards -- was part of a strategy suggested by the organization providing the city's defense, the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF).

April 14, 2008

Trump Towers; Lawyer Cowers - Not

trump2.gifHow much is Donald Trump suing his (former?) New York law firm for? $3 million. The Donald claims that the firm, Morrison Cohen, did unnecessary work in order to generate inflated bills. The dispute arose out of a lawsuit Trump brought against a contractor who worked on Trump National Golf Course. Morrison Cohen partner Y. David Scharf represented Trump in the lawsuit and won $2 million in damages and $1.3 million in attorney fees. The Donald reportedly paid $1 million in fees to the firm, which is now seeking an additional $470K in unpaid fees from the Great Comb-Over. Trump, who claims to have a "Ph.D. in legal fees," downplayed Scharf's victory in court, claiming, "We won the case because I'm a great witness."

Has The Donald tangled with his lawyers before? Former Morrison Cohen co-founder, Robert S. Cohen, who left to start his own firm in 2003, represented Ivana Trump in her attempt to overturn a prenup with Trump. Trump won that one.

What other Trump litigation is ongoing? DT's being sued for trademark infringement (for $4 billion) and age discrimination (by an Apprentice reject); and he's suing Palm Beach (over a flagpole) and Rosie O'Donnell over ... oh, whatever.

April 10, 2008

A lawyer walks into a bar ...


What's the best documentary on being a lawyer in the 21st Century? This one. Check out the trailer.

April 8, 2008

If we could only outsource legal self-help books, too...

india.jpgHow much did DuPont save last year by outsourcing legal work to Mumbai? Approximately $500K. Over 29,000 U.S. legal jobs have already been "offshored" to similar Indian outposts, and that number is expected to increase to 79,000 by 2015. The loss in revenue for U.S. lawyers is estimated at $4.3 billion (though nobody's calculated the savings to clients).

Hey, come to think of it ... why not just create an affiliate law office on the subcontinent? That's what GE, America's fifth-largest corporation did, sending an annual $3 million in legal work overseas. How long before government work is outsourced, too? Wait ... it already is.

(...And if GW is really in favor of outsourcing, why doesn't he step up for the greatest sacrifice?)