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January 22, 2008

Some like it hot...

match.jpgWhat's the "hottest" trend in the legal business? Many analysts believe that climate-change law (advising businesses on global warming) is the go-to practice for the new millennium (and yes, there are treatises available to help).

How much did Baker & McKenzie earn from its "climate-change" division in 2007? The 60-lawyer team brought in somewhere between $15 million to $20 million. What are the hourly rates for climate change partners at the big U.S. firms? $500 to $700. What percentage of energy in law offices is wasted? 30% (.pdf).

January 18, 2008

One sues, the other makes shoes

skechers2.jpgWhat's the average firm billing rate for a U.S. law firm associate? $348 per hour.

What's the average hourly rate paid at the Zhuhai Footwear Factory (they make Skechers and Clarks)? $0.40 an hour.

How many Skechers can a first year associate buy with one year's salary? 2,500

How many hours of an attorney's time can a Zhuhai Footwear factory worker buy with one year's salary? 7.14.